Spring is here! (and so are the roaches..)

It’s spring!  The sun is shining, colorful flowers are blooming on the trees, the souk is full of strawberries, watermelon, and tangerines (no grapes yet!).  And the roaches are back.  Cairo is an environment for roaches to thrive in.  Overcrowded, insufficient/inefficient trash collection provide an ideal home for the yucky creatures.  Not so much of a problem in the winter, spring seems to bring ’em back.   

One night, up without my glasses, I saw something big and dark run around the edge of the bathtub.  Thinking it was a small mouse, I start creeping closer fearfully.  It was really a HUGE roach.  So far, I have killed a few this year.  I *think* the large ones come up through the bathroom drains from the sewer.  The smaller ones can come from anywhere–neighboring apartments, grocery store, corner fruit and veggie stands.  I have personally seen roaches in Al-Mahmal Supermarket–on the floor and inside the deli counter.  I had one fall on me in Seraj Mall. 

If you don’t want to take them home, check your bags carefully after shopping, esp from the outdoor places.  Keep things as clean as possible, counters, floors, etc.  Buy some spray to put in areas where you see them.  Before you rent, check out the apartment carefully.  If the apartment is infested it may be hard to get rid of them.  They can breed under wood.  Make sure the wood is sound if the apartment has it.  AVOID ground floor apartments!  Not only are roaches likely, but rats and mice as well (plus people may steal your laundry from the line). 


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