Rain, rain…

A British sister and I took the kids to the park yesterday, despite me having some sort of stomach bug.  I know of at least two other families who are afflicted with the same illness.  It causes either diarrhea or vomitting and horrid labor-like cramps.  Anyway, I took my son’s bike.  Basically we had to put it on the roof of the taxi.  The driver took one look at us (we have eight kids between us) and the bikes and asked ‘Tadfa’een kum?’ (How much will you pay).  I quickly told him 5LE, which is double the price, and he agreed.  At the park, Hadeeqa Tifl, we were charged twice the rate for Egyptians.  We used to pay the same, but now for some reason ‘foreigners’ have to pay more. 

The kids had fun on the bumper cars and riding bikes, and all of a sudden there was a downpour. It doesn’t rain that much in Egypt, but when it does, the streets become flooded partly because of the lack of street drains.  The kids could not resist stomping, jumping, even sitting in the puddles  The got so wet, we ended up walking home.  Even though we were all sloshing wet, it wasn’t unpleasant.  The puddles were mostly warm and the sun was out.  The worst part was crossing the streets with a crowd of kids, a stroller, and a bike, but we made it, alhamdulillah.

 Once home, there was even more water to deal with, the floor drain in the kitchen had backed up and the water flowed to the middle of the floor.  There was also a drip in the bathroom ceiling.  Last time it rained, we told the bawwaab (doorman) about the drip and he said he’d speak with the owners.  Later he came back and informed us, ‘it’s because of the rain.’  HELLO, I know that, the question is, WHY is the rain coming in?  Good thing it doesn’t rain much.


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