Dust storms and ATMs from h%$#.

dust storm 

Last week I braved a dust storm to go get money from an ATM.  Really high winds, low visibility, dust in the eyes, etc.  Put the card in, select amount, out comes card, but no money.  Can this really be happening?  Egypt is notorious for having card-eating ATMs, I have lost my card TWICE.  Rushed back home, checked the balance and sure enough, the money was withdrawn.  I called the bank (Egypt Agricole) and was assured the money would be returned by the next day.  Next day, no money.  Another trip to the bank, an automaton-like receptionist just tells me I’ll just have to contact my bank.  My bank?  In America?  Even though that ATM is sitting outside your bank?  Alhamdulillah, very clear instructions from my bank, and very quick response.  Wouldn’t it be great to combine the best things from the west  with the best things from the muslim countries?


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