Bedside manner anyone?

This was one of those days.  One where I start to wonder if the benefits of being here are enough to stay.  My son had a cavity for a few weeks, so I took him a dentist I’d been seeing and requested she see him.  He wouldn’t keep still, which really annoyed her.  I can understand why she was bothered, but I also understood my sons fear.  He’s 8 yrs old and someone is sticking a needle in his mouth!  That would bother most adults. 

Anyway, flash forward to today.  We go back so she can fill in the tooth.  While we are waiting for the doctora to arrive, ds says he has to throw up.  I ask the assistant for a bathroom, she asks the receptionist.  While they are standing around figuring out the reason for their existance, ds, true to his word, throws up.  At this point, the doctora finally makes her entrance, and she is not pleased.  Did he eat before coming here she asked?  I apologized and told her he hadn’t eaten in hours actually.  Unbeknownst to me he’d actually been feeling bad since morning.  The whole appointment went downhill from there.  She lectured me about how my sons ‘reaction is not normal’.  I should have told her he was like this and she never would have started on his teeth.  He needs a doctor who specializes in kids.  Up to this point I’d been trying to keep my face neutral, but I had to agree with her there.  If I’d know she’d have so little tolerance for a scared kid, I never would have brought him.  When she finally finished, she rushed us out of the office, to the point of rudeness.  Needless to say, ds won’t be back to her.  My dilemma, is that I have an appointment with her tomorrow.  Good doctors (meaning skilled) are hard to come by, but the lack of a good bedside manner is pretty standard.  So, my feeling is that I’ll just have to suck up my distaste.  

It might seem like something small and not important enough to question staying in Egypt or not.  But it’s yet another fundamental difference in mentality and it’s very hard to get used to.  


4 Responses

  1. As salaamu alaikum

    Is this doctor’s office across the street from Ragab Sons?

  2. Wa alaikum salaam

    Yes, in Madina Nasr, haya thamin.

  3. Ok. Quite a few people have had the same experience with her and their children. She has no tolerance for KIDS period. She is however, excellent with adults and teens and her work is generally good and thorough. I’ve kinda put off going to see her because of her attitude towards children.

    I pray your son feels better and you find a dentist who is a little more kid-friendly. If I hear of any I’ll be sure to let you know.

  4. Thanks!

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