The Kids Quran School

dar abdul warith

This is the kids Quran school, Dar Abdul Warith.  The kids have been going on and off for over two years now.  The school is located in Madinat Nasr, Haya Asher.  There are classes for women and kids.  You can chose for your children to attend daily (sat-thur) or 3 days a week.   The cost is 30 LE (about $5) for 3 days, 60LE for 6 days.   Most of the sisters who teach are all practicing, most, if not all wear niqab.  I consider it a very good atmosphere. 

Organization is sometimes a problem.  They don’t always have enough teachers, or keep to schedule.  In fact, I removed my girls for a time because I felt they weren’t accomplishing enough (my son no longer attends, no boys after 8yrs).  They are back in now, and hopefully things will run more smoothly inshallah. 

Another issue has been brought up by  several families we’ve referred to the dar, and that is cleanliness.  It hasn’t escaped me that the dar is sometimes not in the cleanest state, in fact my children have complained about it at times.  Since I feel there is ultimately benefit in them attending, I overlook the dirt.  There is not always a maid available, and the sisters are too busy working with the kids to clean up after them too.  I’ve seen really nice and clean ‘secular’ and even so-called Islamic day-care for kids and I wouldn’t feel half as comfortable with my kids going to them because of the staff and the school practices.

The summer program is usually very productive.  Last year my oldest completed 4 ajza, mashallah.  Inshallah I hope this year is just as productive.


2 Responses

  1. I am just advice you to create this kind of school here in Nigeria for we muslim to benefit for Fisabilillahi.

  2. I am pressing you people go deep in islam, that is why I am requesting you to come to Nigeria and do that in my state that is Jigawa State.

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