Ein Sukhna

We tried to take a vacation recently to Ein Sukhna, or hot springs.  It’s a spot near the Red Sea, where mostly Egyptians vacation, as opposed to tourists from outside of Egypt.  That means it’s more affordable, and with a more Islamic atmosphere. 

We basically went on the spur of the moment, because that’s how dh is.  He gets it in his head to go somewhere, and he wants to do it that day.  Unfortunately it was Friday and we couldn’t find a driver.  We did find one Egyptian brother, Usama, someone I’d dealt with before to go to Rehab.  He seemed pretty nice.  Dh makes the arrangements for the brother to show  up at 9am Saturday.  I shop, prepare food and get the kids ready.  Well, 9am Saturday, no Usama.  Dh calls him.  He apologizes and says he was out late.  Dh is like, ‘And?  We had an agreement.’ So he says he’ll call “Muhammad” to come get us in an hour.  Dh told him to call and confirm that “Muhammad” would actually be showing up.  We didn’t hear anything, so dh calls around and finds someone else, who shows up about 10am.  We’ve been traveling for an hour, when dh cell phone rings.  It’s Usama to let us know our driver is downstairs waiting!  Dh is like, brother, we left.  They go back and forth, dh letting him have to for breaking his agreement.  Finally Usama says, ‘Cancel my number from your cell phone.’  I think he meant erase, but his English is shaky.  Dh was like, shukran, wassalam. 

I was like, hold on one minute.  He’s in the wrong and is telling us not to call again!  As if we did him wrong!  The problem is that there are so many foreigners in Egypt now, that some people have started to have it a little good.  They don’t have to worry about giving good service, cause hey, someone new will come along.  But I just had to put our experience out there and we will definately not be calling that brother again. 

 On to the trip, the driver who actually took us was a brother dh had met previously while taking a taxi to the Cairo International Bookfair, two years ago.  The brother had welcomed us to Cairo, and actually treated us to a lunch of falafel.  He tried  to refuse the fare, but dh insisted on paying.  Fast forward two years.  He lets us know his rates, they turn out to be a bit more than the previous brother, but he says he’s giving us a discount on his normal fees.  Ok.  On the way he offers to rent us a tire from the car for 5 LE to swim with.  Dh is like huh?!  Later dh related the sad reality that the brother had changed.  From treating us, to trying to make whatever money he could.  The price even ended up changing at the end of the day, but we’ll get to that.  The point was dh knew an Egyptian that seemed different from the many that try to fleece you, but now he’s joined the mainstream, mashallah.  I viewed it a little differently.  The brother has married and has a kid, now.  He, probably feels he has to make every dime, or piastre he can.  I wish he could treat us like ‘normal’, but who knows how I’d act if the roles were reversed.

On to Ein Sukhna.  I’d heard you could rent a place for a reasonable amount, and have a good amount of privacy.  Try as we might, we could not find any place to rent.  We ended up just paying to sit on a crowded beach, which was none too clean.  Dh first refused to get out of the car.  When he finally did, he just sat there, cursing Egypt and Egyptians, and vowing never to travel again, lol.  He really likes many aspects of living here, but he hates getting burned.  LOL, when we got home, the brother upped the price of taking us there, reasoning, well, you didn’t have to pay for a hotel, so you may as well give it to me! 

We are used to just picking up and going someone in the States, but obviously it’s not a good idea in Egypt.  Plan in advance and prepare.  Alhamdulillah, all was not in vain.  The kids had a good time in the water.  The scenery on the way was beautiful, the roads cut right through the mountians.  Here are some pics. 

The Red Sea

Red Sea

The beach


On the way:

A masjid on the road


7 Responses

  1. Those pictures look great mashaa Allaah! I am so sorry the about how things went. If it’s any consolation, the first 2 times we went to Ain Soukhna were disasters! I’m planning to write about it on my blog inshaa Allaah.

    As salaamu alaykum!

  2. Jazakillahkhair. It wasn’t so bad. I hope I didn’t sound too negative. Dh was the one really disappointed. He was looking forward to communing with nature, lol and he really hates crowds. I actually like travelling by car, especially since there is a/c and the kids are old enough not to need the bathroom every half hour. But yes, tell me about your Ein Sukhna experience. Wassalaam

  3. Wow. The pictures are breathtaking. That of the Red Sea is so pristine and calming. One can actually see through to the pebbles!

    It was too bad everyone didn’t get to have a great time but I think you told it honestly. Fleecing off foreigners is pretty common. Most of them think tourists are loaded. Plus like you said there’s always a steady flow so if it’s not you, some poor sucker wil come along. It get’s really annoying when you’re not going away too soon though.

  4. salam alaykum 🙂 I’m so happy to have found this blog! I visit Egypt often (I’m an egyptian but living abroad) and I try to write about Egypt as much as I can while I’m there. It’s so nice to find a blog that talks about Egypt too. Visit my blog if you can insha’allah! I’ll be adding you to my blogroll 🙂

  5. wa alaikum salaam unique muslimah. Sorry it took so long for me to respond, we’ve been having some major upheavals here. I do like your blog, though. Hope to hear from you again, inshallah. Wassalaam

  6. As salaamu `alaykum, enjoyed reading your blog. Very strange but the Usamah/Mohammad thing happened with us two. My husband waited outside for an hour and then when we rang him, he said Mohammad is coming. Very strange. And this was also to go to Ain Sukna.

  7. would love to make contact with homeschool people in Heliopois. I am a retired Canadian retired teacher from Toronto. I am considering homeschooling for a student. At present I tutor many kids from several schools. It seems that no matter how much money the school costs it is still inadequate and down right awful at times.

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