My guilty secret…

Few days ago, I decided to get a jumpstart on shopping, and purchase meat before prices are jacked up for Ramadan.  It seems like lots of Egyptian housewives had the same thought, cause there were lots of people at the butcher, buying lots of meat.  And they had raised the prices already.  Oh well. 

After getting the meat, I stopped into Metro for some fresh ginger, and you can only find fresh ginger at a few grocery chains in Cairo.  On the way to the check out, what did I see, but TWIZZLERS! 


I LOVE twizzlers!  I haven’t had any in about two years.  So never mind the price of about 13 Le, I bought a bag, and plus two chocolate bars.  So that’s about 20 LE’s just to satisfy my cravings.  Just to put it in perspective, I can buy fruit or veggies for a whole week for 20 LE’s.  Or a whole chicken.  Or pay the gas bill for three of four months.  Food is generally very affordable (except meat), as long as you stick to what is locally produced.  I don’t usually splurge on imported sweets/snacks.  I mean, who has 50LE’s ($10) to pay for a bag of Tostito nachos?  Or 45LE’s for chocolate chip cookies.  But alhamdulillah for the ability to have a lil taste once in a while.   


6 Responses

  1. thats it !
    I am coming over to your house to grab those Twizzlers from you.
    wow….until you mentioned them, I had forgotten how much I used to love them.
    was addicted to the red ones !

  2. It’s allowed, lol… once in a while treats I like to call them. In the past I used to dedicate a fair portion of my allowance to, err… ‘treats’. I’ve never tried Twizzlers. My fav are Twix. The day I saw it again after two years I didn’t have much on me. So I calculated to make sure I had just enough to get me home while I blew the remaining on Twix, hehe…

  3. I eyed some Mike N Ikes yesterday, but dh was not interested 😦

  4. I stumbled upon them earlier today when I was at the mart and I said to myself “This is the stuff Asiyasmom blogged about!”

    I would never have noticed it if weren’t for you.

  5. Jean you would be too late, I ate them all that same day!

    LOL, umadam, mike and ikes are worse for your teeth than twizzlers. One good thing about Egypt is that I can shop alone (and buy stuff that dh doesn’t see!)

    Bubbles you have to try them!

  6. Assalamu’alaikum

    Wishing you Ramadan Mubarak!

    May the blessings of this Holy Month descend on you and your loved ones. 🙂

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