Ramadan Commercialized?


A few days before Ramadan, one of the kids teachers’ asked me if I was prepared for Ramadan.  She had been fasting voluntary fasts, reading more Quran.  I got ready to tell her about the kilos of onions I’d sliced and frozen, the samosas we’d prepared, basically all of the food prep that I’d done.  See, dh is Pakistani, and their iftar tends to be rather elaborate.  First samosas, maybe some pakora (veggie fritters), fruit salad.  After magrib, there is the full meal.  And in regard to food dh is something like this

Keep in mind that in Egypt there is a rush on food.  Going around the day before Ramadan, the stores were extremely crowded.  Lots of things were sold out.  No bottled water.  No fresh milk.  So, it is good to be prepared.  It had never occured to me to prepare for the fasting itself.       

I actually consider Ramadan to be spiritual preparation for the rest of the year.  The time to recharge if I’ve slacked up in worship.  Usually when it rolls around I am in dire need of a boost.   

So does the crowded market places and all of the extra buying and selling mean a commercialized Ramadan?  Not necessarily.  To be sure, the forces of capitalism will try to turn any opportunity into money, but it’s kind of hard to turn a month of abstinence into say Christmas.  Even in hajj, there is buying and selling, and it’s halal.  Just so we don’t lose sight of the big picture.


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  1. I feel it has been a little comercialised , especialy in eid, their will be some khalaji guy who is an actor driving a nice car and saying some cheesy line like ‘make someone happy this ramathan’

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