Last Night of Ramadan

Tonight is the last night of this blessed month.  For the past few years dh has called me and the kids to sit with him as he finishes Quran, and then make dua.  This year, he did it early, as he was traveling and won’t be with us for Eid.  I don’t manage to finish Quran every year, but this year, as I finish, I will gather the kids and we’ll make dua in front of the video cam, so dh can see.    Jazakumallahkhair for everyone who has commented or sent emails.  I have been busy due to dh’s travel, and illness (whole family, mashallah) and will get back to you after Eid, inshallah.  Wassalaam


One Response

  1. la bess, tahur insha’allah. must be a bug going around. almost everyone is sick.

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