Ramadan Journal and pics

First day, I’m feeling good, I shopped, I prepared.  I had a menu for the entire month. 

I burn the food. 

Yep, and not once but twice.  So first day of Ramadan we order out from Yemen Al-Sa’eed.  Mandi, a yemen dish which is delicious.  You can order a platter or 1/4 up to one whole lamb.  We got 1/4, which a was plenty for us. 

I went really overboard with buying food/preparing special meals.  Which makes me feel guilty cause so many people don’t have enough.  There are places for people to get food in Ramadan.  The most famous is Maida Al-Rahman (Table of the Merciful).  They set up lighted tents throughout Cairo with tables and chairs.  Anyone can come and eat.


Some masaajid also serve food.  I visited the masjid that the kids Quran teacher cooks for, and mashallah, they really cook.  Fish, chicken, rice, salad.  Good food most of the people probably can’t afford.  Which is good.  If I had to depend on charity for food, I’d want something nice too. 

We did a few ‘Egyptian’ nights.  One night we had mashi, stuffed cabbage, eggplant, and grapeleaves.  I’d tasted it in arab restaurants in the states, but never liked it till I came to Egypt.  Egyptians are in a class by themselves as far as mashi goes.  We also had kushari, never really liked it much, but the kids love it.  Got recipe from ummurahma’s site, and turned out great.  I also made Hawawashi for the first time.  Seasoned ground beef, fried with onions and green peppers, stuffed into ish baladi (Egyptian pita) and either fried on top of the stove or cooked in the oven, covered with oil.   Most days I also made Qattayef.  Small pancakes stuffed with nuts, raisins, and and coconuts, then fried and soaked in sugar syrup.  To me the sugar syrup is overkill, so I sprinkle powder sugar on mine.  Here is one batch I made.



We decide not to get a fanoos.  The kids had small ones last year, but broke them.  I asked around about the origin of the tradtion.  According to one sister, it begin in the Fatimiyya period.  They fixed lanterns in the streets to light the way to the masjid, and they became associated with Ramadan.  Most buildings will display a fanoos, and there are small ones sold for kids.


Eid was ok. We prayed at Masjid Bilal.  The kids really look forward to the sweets that are given out, but they didn’t really get anything this time.  I guess they’ll just have to learn to go for the prayer, and not the sweets!  After the prayer, we went the their arabic teacher’s house, where the kids filled up on sweets, extremely sugary basbousa, and the homemade cookies people make for eid.


Obviously most of this stuff is not about the essence of Ramadan: sacrificing our food and sleep for the sake of Allah, charity, increasing our worship, but that kind of stuff is hard to put into pics.  Inshallah we all benefitted and will continue to benefit till next year.


5 Responses

  1. Wonderful post Rashida! The pictures are absolutely beautiful mashaa Allaah. Glad the koshary turned out okay, and thanks for the link to my blog!


  2. Glad you like the pics Asiya. Your welcome. Wassalaam

  3. asalaam alaikum warahmat Allah wabarakatu:
    growing up i always desired to go to egypt for ramadan. being american egyptian, meaning born and raised in the US with egyptian american parents i always enjoyed going for those summer trips across the world, and would always hear of how beautiful it is over there. still havent made it over there for ramadan but i can’t complain because alhamdulilah i was in madinah this past one.

    as far as the fawanees…they are always so beautiful but break so easily! when we asked him to bring back one small one each for the kids, i don’t think they lasted a few days before they broke unfortunately!

    may Allah accept your deeds and make the upcoming days of dhul-hijjah filled with baraka. ameen

  4. Jakakillahkhair for the dua Suha. Inshallah I can spend an Eid or two in Madinah also one day. Wassalaam

  5. […] It seems that recipe searches bring the most hits to my blog mashaa Allaah.  My Koshary Kween recipes get more hits than any other entries on my blog.  In spite of this, I’ve only gotten one comment so far, and that was a pingback from Asiyasmom .  […]

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