Only in Egypt

This is too funny.  I have personally seen a lot of the things in this video happening in the street.  I had myself a good laugh.  Especially from the traffic and spelling mistakes, classic Egypt.  Just realized there is music ( I usually have my speakers off.)





Here I felt bad for the donkey, but they really do use them like this.


And here’s another one that doesn’t surprise me.  Alhamdulillah, no one was hurt.



6 Responses

  1. Thank you for posting these clips they are really funny. Your right this can only happen in Egypt. ROFL

  2. as salaamu alaikum
    i’m looking to start at fajr center in october inshaAllah but the price of an apt. they told me was 600 US dollars a month. do you know of any brothers with studying there who could use an extra room mate or somebody who has a room to rent out? barakalaahu feekum

  3. Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakatu abu hafitha,

    You might try posting here,

    It’s made by American muslims currently in Egypt and you may be able to find someone. Also you could try the Muhaajir list on yahoo, it seems to have a lot of brothers in Egypt.

  4. These are hilarious. I posted about your blog in mine and put the first video in. Lovely blog.

  5. Thanks for the comment Maryanne, I’ve followed your blog for a while now and enjoyed your posts. Take care.

  6. Thanks so much for posting these. As a former expat in Egypt, these clips made me really miss the place.

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