Sad news

Um Muhammad was the arabic teacher for my kids for 3 years.  They really grew to love her.  We would spent our Eid al-Adha together.  My husband would go with her husband and brothers to purchase the sheep for slaughter.  The men would all slaughter down in the courtyard, while the women waited upstairs having tea and sweets.  I grew to know Um Muhammad’s family.  About her married daughters, their marriages, problems, husbands, and pregnancies.  I met them, the older one, an English teacher, younger one a college student and hafitha of Quran.  Her son Muhammad, also a college student.  She shared her worries with me and I shared my troubles with her.  She always helped me with finding drivers, household stuff, and cleaning women.  She frequently brought by food; delicious beshamel, mashi, basbousa.   

Her son Muhammad was a 19 yr old engineering student.  She complained about how he drove her car (it frequently needed repair after he was done with it).  She would tell my oldest she’d like the two to marry.  As was typical with boys, especially only sons, he frequently got his way.  I found out in Ramadan that he has died, from complications with diabetes.  I can only imagine what Um Muhammad is feeling (I have tried to call but can’t reach her).  Ina lillah, wa ina ilahi raji’un.


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  1. As salaamu alaikum umasiyah, send me an email let me know how u are, miss ur presence here, even tho met u fairly close to the time u guys were leaving. Was that the sis that was at ur apt when we came? May Allah ease their pain, losing a child or a parent,spouse is a kind of grief subhaanAllah.

    • Ummukatheer, heard you had a baby! Mabruk. I miss you guys too. Sorry, haven’t been in touch, subhanallah, I’m busier here lately than I every was there. Hope everything is good with you. Wassalaam

  2. yes alhamdulilah hes 2 mos old now alhamdulilah, #6 to the rest of the tribe loll. My situation is opposite , were so busy, back studying, its hard to get online but when i get on I’ll send a shout out inshaAllah if u have any pics to donate to the site, lol it just looks so dead we need to liven it up

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