Slaughter in the Streets

I know this is late, but I’ve been really busy and traveled during Eid.  I used to complain years ago about how difficult it is to slaughter  islamically in America.  Which is one reason most people send money overseas instead.  Every year dh would slaughter a lamb in Egypt.  You can literally buy one in the streets of Cairo. We had a stall right outside of our apartment where they were housed and sold.

Of course dh would drive out into the country to get the biggest, ‘cleanest’ animal he could find.  Last year I missed most of Eid day traveling.  Once I was home most people had done with their slaughtering.  I had planned to take pics, but all I got was the blood in the streets, lol!

While I appreciate how easy it is to slaughter in Egypt,I did have some reservations about it being done in such a metropolitan area.  I mean, people literally do it in the streets.  All day you are walking around blood puddles, tails, etc.

My kids have seen slaughtering since they were small.  They’ve never had a problem with it.  LOL, dh usually lets them make friends with the animal.  Two years back, my youngest then 6yrs, rode on the back of the animal, later while we were packaging the meat, dh asked her, “aren’t you sad about the lamb being slaughtered.”  She said, ‘well yes, but I still want to eat it!’  In fact it has kind of been the highlight of the Eid.  It can be kind of graphic, particularly when a cow or a camel is slaughtered.  I’ve only heard about the camels, but we’ve seen several cows slaughtered.  It can be an overwhelming sight, even for adults, but the kids handled it well.  There are usually about 6 or 7 men, who literally jump on the cow, to get it down on the ground.  Then someone comes in with a knife and slashes as the neck.  Then everyone scatters.  Sometimes the cow gets up again.  If the cut was good, it will lay there, but kick, while buckets of blood pour from the vein in the neck.  It can kick for several minutes after its apparently gone.  After its still, they hook up a  water hose to it’s insides and empty it of waste (gross, I know) and then they removed the insides and skin it pretty quickly.  Finally the animal is applied to a hook and cut into pieces.

Just because it’s done in a muslim country does not mean that the rules of slaughter are always followed.  A sharp knife should be used to dispatch the sacrifice as soon as possible.  The knife should not be displayed or sharpened in front of the animal.  Animals should not be slaughtered in front of each other.  Of course they should not be mistreated.  All of this is in hadith, but I’m too lazy to search for them right now, maybe later I can post them.  In a poor country people don’t always keep the welfare of the animal in mind.  Many times the slaughter is done in plain sight of other animals.  I actually saw one poor sheep escape and take off down the street twice.  He knew his fate!  Here are some pics of the slaughter in Egypt.  I got them from a website in Australia dedicated to the welfare of animals.  Unfortunately, their purpose was to show how inhumane slaughtering is.  It really depends on who is doing it.  I believe slaughtering Islamically is very humane.

As you can see, any and every means is used to transport the animal, including the trunks of cars.

Finally, here is a pic of our animal this year, done in a slaughterhouse, by another muslim brother, since dh was just too busy with work.  Ah, that’s life.


2 Responses

  1. You could have warned us! I was eating…

  2. You only looked at it, I actually had to touch that head!

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