Seasons of Cairo

Born and raised in the midwest, I’m used to 4 seasons.  Freezing winters (we’ve been snowed in for a few days!), spring with lots of rain, warm summers, and colorful falls.  There is not as much visible change to mark the seasons in Cairo.  None of the trees lose their leaves or change color, however, some of them do flower becoming quite colorful beginning in March.  The rains usually come in winter (and a lesser amount in the fall as well).  And you can usually guess the time of year from the different fruits and vegetables available in the streets (the opposite of the states, where you can usually find most fruits and veggies, regardless of the season).  Corn on the cob all summer long, roasted over coals.  Many people supplement their income by selling it in the street.  It took some getting used to, people eat it without butter, salt or spice.  Here is a pic (I didn’t take the Egyptian pictures, I searched the internet to give a better visual idea).  I was always tempted to photograph the fire of the woman I bought corn from, but I hated looking like a tourist, lol.

Also in the summer grapes become available, as well as strawberries, which are sold on a platter, the seller using a cup or some type of scoop to measure out as many kilo as you want.  At different times of the year you can get oranges, fresh figs, kiwi, bananas, watermelon, frequently arranged beautifully at a corner stand.  Sometimes they arrange lights as decorations.  A lot of those guys actually sleep next to their fruit stands.  This is a more humble example.

In the winter there are roasted yams.  They smell delicious and very sweet.  You can buy one for half guinea ( I think less than a quarter), the vendor hands it to you wrapped in paper.  Here’s another pic to give you an idea.

Our year in America has been chronicled with pictures taken outside during different seasons.  The kids actually took some of these.  Here in the backyard of the house we rented when we first arrived home during March.  That first winter was really beautiful.

Summer canoe trip

Fall in the park