We plan, and Allah plans…

We’ve made Cairo our home for the past 3.5 yrs, and have lived outside of the States for the past 4yrs.  I’d fully expected to be here for at least another 2yrs, or at least until my two oldest have finished Quran (mashallah, my daughter has 2/3 memorized, and my son 1/2).  However, dh returned to America during Ramadan to work and now he’s calling us to join him!  Subhannallah!  I have to be honest, Cairo is not the easiest city to live in.  It’s overcrowded and dirty.  And prices are raising astronomically.  But mashallah, the opportunities to study Islam are very numerous.  And you can meet many people also striving to learn.  I feel very conflicted right now and hope the kids can continue their hifz in America.  We’re keeping our appliances at the house of my girls Quran teacher in case we are able to return soon.  Inshallah, I still plan to keep blogging, there is so much I want to say about our experiences here (learning arabic at Fajr Center, taxi drivers, etc), and I’d also planned to write about the time we spent in Mauritania before coming to Egypt.  Stay tuned.  I will try to answer the comments asap!    


Last Night of Ramadan

Tonight is the last night of this blessed month.  For the past few years dh has called me and the kids to sit with him as he finishes Quran, and then make dua.  This year, he did it early, as he was traveling and won’t be with us for Eid.  I don’t manage to finish Quran every year, but this year, as I finish, I will gather the kids and we’ll make dua in front of the video cam, so dh can see.    Jazakumallahkhair for everyone who has commented or sent emails.  I have been busy due to dh’s travel, and illness (whole family, mashallah) and will get back to you after Eid, inshallah.  Wassalaam